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How do I know if Courage and Care is right for me?

I am happy to work with anyone who is willing to respectfully and safely engage in therapy. That being said, I'm not for everyone (and wouldn't that be exhausting to be everything to everyone?) Take a look at the "about" section, see if it resonates.  Email me with any questions.  If I'm not the right fit now or at any time in our work together, I can point you towards other options. Therapy is about you, not me!

What if I'm not ready to talk about 'it'?

We go at your speed.  We can go as slow as you need, and GUESS WHAT?!  You can benefit from therapy, even if we never talk about the big scary thing.  We do not have to re-open all of your wounds.  We will discuss what you are comfortable with and what I recommend.  You ALWAYS have the option to change the subject or take a break.

Do we just talk the whole time?

If you want, we can just talk!  In conversation, we will be changing your brain and your behaviors but there are many more techniques we can use. We can include creativity, humor, breathing and mindfulness exercises, art, body exercises, worksheets, tracking moods and behaviors, creating plans, goal-setting, book and resource recommendations and education on biology, psychology, social and spiritual elements of mental health.  And I'm open to suggestions.  We are a team.

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